As a REALTOR® and as a Marketing & Communications professional, I have worked extensively in the marketing, advertising and graphic design industries for over 10 years. My experience in the field has allowed me to hone my skills developing innovative solutions to everyday business problems. My focus is on implementing cutting-edge branding and marketing strategies for large scale projects such as condo developments, timeshare and vacation properties, as well as commercial and industrial projects.

Whatever your real estate project may be, let me and my team take care of the details. We work with clients through the entire marketing process from developing pre-sale strategies, creating a website and marketing collateral, to finally helping your sales team reach potential customers. If you already have a game plan in place, we we’ll help you appeal to your target market so that your finished offering simply shines.

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Examples of real estate marketing

Real estate is the single largest investment most people make during their lifetime. When you market a new development, you’re not only trying to sell a property, you’re trying to sell a home and a lifestyle. My dedicated team has a knack for capturing the essence of each campaign and breathing life into it. We’ll make sure that you’re approaching your marketing plan from the best angle and attracting the right prospects.

Building development and conversion projects

Investing in large developments and conversion projects is a huge investment of time, money and effort. Why let the completion of your project be lack-luster when we can help you shine? We believe in taking a hands-on approach to making your project a success. Real estate marketing requires a lot of planning as well as the creation of various print, web and sales materials. Get access to my team of graphic designers, copywriters and savvy salespeople all under one roof! Having a solid team enables us to help you orchestrate a cohesive campaign.

Timeshare and vacation rentals

Do you own a timeshare property or vacation home? Experience a quick ROI with the proper marketing efforts. Buying a piece of paradise is undeniably appealing to many people. This is illustrated in the unprecedented growth and prosperity in the resort and timeshare industry.

The cheesy promotional marketing campaign of yesteryear is gone; today marketing timeshares and vacation homes to prospects has evolved into a sophisticated and alluring operation. We’ll ensure you spend your advertising dollars in the right places and provide you with top-notch sales materials. Having a luxurious property in a desirable location is half the battle. We’ll take care of the finishing touches so the rest of your campaign will feel like, well, a vacation.

Real estate marketing project case study

The situation

A new company in the booming real estate industry needed to get its name out to the public. With the highly competitive nature of real estate, this company needed to differentiate itself from competitors. They needed eye-catching collateral to present their service offerings to potential customers.

The solution

  • Researched general real estate market information as well as target market demographics.
  • Designed large banners for tradeshows and other promotional events.
  • Created custom vinyl realtor signs.
  • Evaluated competitors to find points of weakness.
  • Wrote and edited an informative promotional handbook.
  • Designed a visually striking layout for the handbook.
  • Logo conception and design.
  • Client presented web content which we edited and loaded with key words.
  • Built a promotional website with home listings which we maintain and update.
  • Created print and web ads.

The Results

  • Increased exposure lead to quicker sales cycles.
  • Professional marketing and design enhanced trust and credibility as well as increased sales.

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Click Here for a full list of my in-house services offered for real estate marketing.