The Situation

A new company in the booming real estate industry needed to get its name out to the public. With the highly competitive nature of real estate, this company needed to differentiate itself from competitors. They needed eye-catching collateral to present their service offerings to potential customers.

The Solution

  • Researched general real estate market information as well as target market demographics.
  • Designed large banners for tradeshows and other promotional events.
  • Created custom vinyl realtor signs.
  • Evaluated competitors to find points of weakness.
  • Wrote and edited an informative promotional handbook.
  • Designed a visually striking layout for the handbook.
  • Logo conception and design.
  • Client presented web content which we edited and loaded with key words.
  • Built a promotional website with home listings which we maintain and update.
  • Created print and web ads.

The Results

  • Increased exposure lead to quicker sales cycles.
  • Professional marketing & design enhanced trust and credibility as well as increased sales.

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